Repetition is a Form of Delicious

I hate making lunch for work. I especially hate thinking about what I might make for lunch for work. Now I know some classy people who live in the city who just head out around lunch and pick up some tasty snacks from the local falafel/Norweigan Soul Food/taco food cart, but in teacherland we get thirty minutes, bell to bell. Not a chance of getting lunch to go. Also in teacherland we are pretty broke.

For my first year and a half of teaching at Molalla, every day (and I mean every day) I brought pita bread with a little hummus, feta, and avocado in it. It was great! Until I reached the day where I swore I could never eat it again. I rounded out the year with greek yogurt, honey and a banana.

I am a creature of habits.

Year three: salami, Tillamook sharp cheddar or pepperjack, crackers, and grapes.

Year four: crackers and peanut butter. Honestly, years four and five are a little blurry. In those years, I was in a classroom where flies would congregate on me and my desk anytime food was around. I’m sure I ate something.

Year six, first year at Silverton: Hummus, crackers, and a string cheese. Not very ambitious, I’ll admit, but having chai from our student-run cafe delivered — yep, every day — really dulled my appetite.

This year I have found the perfect lunch. I have rediscovered apples, which I love, but only if they are very cold and freshly cut. Because I am a little spoiled (certainly for teacherland) I have a mini-fridge in my art supply room. So some dreams do come true.

photo 1

An apple, and a generous slather of peanut butter on a rice cake. Ta da!

I know, people eat this all the time. But what you don’t understand is what infinite variety of apples we have available, especially in Silverton and surrounds. I am not here to question the primacy of the Honeycrisp, oh no, but have you sampled the Kiku?? TheOpal???

I have.

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