Before the Dawn

So it’s almost certainly the case that the general scene inside the house is worse than it has ever been. We have dismantled the cabinets around the Flair enough to be pretty sure that we know how we are going to pull it out, but that is as far as we have gotten.

We started by moving a bunch of stuff around, and picking various exotic but under-used items for disposal (which was a pungent and colorful experience). This left Yoshi some room to be unbelievably adorable.


It also exposed the stove’s truly magnificent outlet. If you can’t tell from the image, it’s made out of ceramic


We spent a lot of time trying to figure out if and where the stove was attached.


It turned out the key was to knock out the top front of the cabinet below the stove, which exposed a couple of screws. So now the damn thing is just kind of floating on top of that cabinet waiting to get lugged to. . . somewhere?

One thought on “Before the Dawn”

  1. I happened to come across your flair stove post. Was wondering if you ever got it out and what you were going to do with it. I have a 40″ flair but could certainly use some pieces if you are willing to part it out.

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