Futility Now


Brian comes through when you need him

The digs have been nice. Even Yoshi has been adjusting.

The lazy assassin


The non-stop class has helped.


Conan, what is best in life?

And the clouds, which have been pretty cooperative.


A Hill of Beans

So now that it’s over, I can admit that I’ve been living without a coffee grinder for some time. I had one model that broke enough times that I stopped replacing it, and then someone gave me one that wasn’t a milling model and I imagine I don’t have to spell this out explicitly, but I didn’t use it much. Basically, I just asked people to grind it for me at the shop.

Of course, over time that becomes a bit inflexible, and you get the inevitable feeling that some regulatory body is getting ready to kick you out of Portland for violating the sanctity of coffee culture. Also, places get crowded around here, and sometimes you don’t want to wait around for the grinding process. You just want to grab the bag and get home and fortify yourself for the day ahead.

Consequently, I decided recently to correct my condition. Unfortunately, burr grinders have grown substantially while I was away, and seem to all be kind of hideous. Look, I know that image isn’t everything, but nobody is going to think “A bit like Michael Caine, really” about your morning routine when you’ve got this monstrosity thundering away on your kitchen counter.

Luckily I was able to find a charming Japanese hand-powered model which saves me from the twin humiliations of shattered beans and giant clunky appliances. Thank goodness some people are still concerned with ameliorating the brutality of the morning.

Catching Up

Feeling overwhelmed by how many events have occurred of late, I have composed some haiku to keep things simple.

Whoa! School done ’til fall.
I won teacher of the year:
Just look at my pen–

Some people are truly pros.
Robyn, I salute you.

Nuptial trip to coast:
Performed my sister’s wedding.
Also, first mudslide.

Remarkable heat.
Took Dutch friends to see roses.
Look at where we live!

Miserable floor!
And a miserable me.
In the end, I won.


A while ago Hazel and I went to Silver Falls together. It was lovely.


Here we are comparing ourselves, as one does, to some canonical birds.

Birds 1

Birds 2

What, waterfalls?


Over Memorial Day Weeked we made some more progress, as people do, on the kitchen. We bough supplies, cleaned the walls and painted a corner. There was also some weeding, although you would never be able to tell.


Cooking With. . . Different Electricity

So yesterday Trever helped me haul the Flair out to the garage where it exhibits a certain bedraggled dignity.


Then I got to work wrecking what was revealed.


More chaos

Then we wrestled the new stove into the available space. Hazel made zucchini bread in it, which turned out well.

A tiny bit less chaos

I did all of it in new shoes, as my previous pair of comfy shoes had eaten it that morning.